Clean, simple and powerful components for JSF.

Gravel is a set of component libraries which provide clean and simple components for JSF applications.

There are several tag namespaces within Gravel, each serving a different purpose:
This set of tags provide a set of action-related components. The tags support various response-time actions, security role-checking, and other related utilities.

This tag namespace provides a version of dataTable that does not suffer from the state-saving difficulties of the standard implementation.

This set of tags provide components, converters, and actions for the manipulation and display of data.

This namespace consists of JSF component versions of standard HTML tags.

This namespace is for use with the Gravel navigation handler, which allows navigation rules to be mapped directly in the page instead of inside faces-config.xml.


About the Project

Getting Involved If you wish to get involved as a developer in the JBoss Gravel project, it is recommended you visit the JIRA pages to get a glimpse of the status or project tasks.

The best place to start is probably the ##jsf IRC channel on

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Project Status JBoss Gravel uses the JIRA tracking and project management system to organize and prioritize tasks.
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